About Us


EasyChange is a licensed payment institution under the supervision of the CNB and FAU. We especially bring an individual approach to our clients and that is why for us a priority not only to meet your requirements, but also something more. And it is our individual approach to each of you that sets EasyChange apart from the competition.

Like most businesses we didn't have an easy start either, so we value the favor and trust of all our clients all the more.

And how did the EasyChange story begin?

In March 2010, Matěj Novák founded a fintech company with a former colleague that helps clients not only save money when paying abroad or exchanging foreign currency, but also educates them that there are not only banks on the financial market and that quality services can be obtained outside of them at a more favorable price price.

In 2011, EasyChange was one of the first to receive a small payment institution license. In the same year a web portal primarily intended for payments up to EUR 1,000 www.Europlatba.czwas created.

Then our company expands to Slovakia and also to Germany for faster and easier settlement. Over the years the turnover gradually increased until we reached the legal limit for a small payment institution (€36 million per year).

So another licensing procedure is coming and in 2019 EasyChange already receives a full payment institution license from the CNB.

We look to the next years with humility, but at the same time with a solid vision, where our priority is to continue to improve services for clients with the tireless efforts of all our employees and partners.


And those of us who you may meet:



Matěj Novák
General Director



Kristýna Střelková
Customer Care




Terezie Rohlíková
Head of Backoffice



Klára Murínová
Marketing and Communication