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1. Input data


The framework contract is intended for clients who are interested in regular or larger exchange volumes (in a total volume of at least 50,000 CZK per month or the equivalent over a longer period of time). For one-time or occasional EUR exchanges, small and large amounts, use the portal - here you can send payments immediately and without registration.


  • The request for a framework agreement is subject to bank regulation and approval by EasyChange staff.
  • For each natural person mentioned in the contract, a copy of 2 personal documents must be provided, where personal and identification data can be verified (according to Czech Act No. 253/2008 Coll.).
  • Also prepare a statement from the account (we do not need to see the amounts) from which you will normally send money, or another document confirming ownership or authorization to the account.
  • The contract must be filled in at once (it cannot be saved in progress).
  • The form itself guides you through the individual steps, and you can find help under the question mark icons.


Thanks to the framework contract, you can then take advantages of a more favorable exchange rate, the possibility of converting other currencies (GBP, USD, PLN, HUF and CHF) and the comfort of the client zone when entering repeated orders. Detailed information on fees can be found here.


Rates and fees info


Payment of EUR within the Eurozone and EEA to banks supporting SEPA payments 0 CZK
Payment of EUR to banks not supporting SEPA payments 300 CZK
Payment Express outside the Czech Republic 500 CZK
Domestic and foreign interbank payment in OUR mode 500 CZK
Domestic and foreign interbank payment in SHA mode 200 CZK
Domestic intra-bank USD payment within banks where USD has EasyChange accounts 0 CZK
Enter trade order 0 CZK
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