Contract request
1. Input data


Due to banking regulation, the application for a framework contract is relatively extensive (especially for companies). Subject to subsequent approval by EasyChange staff.

It must be filled in at the same time. We conclude contracts only with clients who are interested in regular exchanges and in certain volumes - with a total volume of at least CZK 50,000 per month (or equivalent for a longer period of time). Due to the administrative complexity of the contracts for one trade, we do not conclude the contract.

For single or occasional exchanges of EUR, small and large amounts, use - it can be used immediately even without a contract. The rate is set according to the amount.


The form below will guide you through all parts of the application. For some fields there is a help icon (question mark symbol), after hovering over this symbol you will get help for the given field. In order to complete all the requirements of the contract required by law (according to Czech Act No. 253/2008 Coll. It is necessary to identify the client), it is necessary to provide a copy of a personal document from each natural person specified in the contract. relevant natural persons. For bank accounts from which you intend to send funds for exchange, it is also necessary to provide a document confirming the existence of an account held in the name of the client - for example, an account statement, or an account opening agreement (reversed), or. another document confirming your relationship with the account. More detailed information will always be given at the appropriate step of the online form.


To fill in the form we recommend using the most recent version of your Internet browser or use Google Chrome.


Thanks to the approved contract you can take advantage of a better exchange rate, you can use the comfort of the client zone when entering repeated exchange orders. 


Rates and fees info


Payment of EUR within the Eurozone and EEA to banks supporting SEPA payments 0 CZK
Payment of EUR to banks not supporting SEPA payments 300 CZK
Payment Express outside the Czech Republic 500 CZK
Domestic and foreign interbank payment in OUR mode 500 CZK
Domestic and foreign interbank payment in SHA mode 200 CZK
Domestic intra-bank USD payment within banks where USD has EasyChange accounts 0 CZK
Enter trade order 0 CZK
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