How it works


Transferring money abroad from the Czech Republic

We offer payment transfers in foreign currencies to the entire world (except for countries excluded by valid Czech and EU legislation). We guarantee very favourable conditions specifically for payment within the Eurozone, payment to Asia and USA. Conversion can be also made between your own different currency accounts with Czech banks. Our services are available to corporations, private individuals or associations. 
Terms are defined in Framework Agreements concluded between us as the service provider and  you as the client. You may fill in your application for such Framework Agreement online at pour website. Payment orders are made and processed online through our website portal.

Standard transaction process – domestic or foreign.


  1. After logging into the Client Zone, clients enter conversion orders directly on the website, entering all required information online. There is no need to call a broker, everything can be handled from a computer or smart phone.
  2. Clients receive email confirmation from EasyChange confirming that order has been accepted. At the same time, clients are asked to send the corresponding sum of money to the EasyChange central collection account; subsequently clients receive confirmation containing all transaction details (sum involved, exchange rate, account numbers etc.) for their  accounting records.
  3. Clients send money to the EasyChange central collection account by bank transfer. Once EasyChange receives the money and checks all transaction-specific data (variable symbol), clients receive automatic confirmation by email.
  4. If the money are credited to EasyChange account at least an hour before the closing hour, they will be forwarded for settlement on that same day. If they are credited at a later time, the money will be forwarded for settlement on the next business day. Please note that some of the Czech / domestic banks impose a 14:59 deadline for foreign currency transfers.
  5. Once the money will have been remitted to their destination account clients receive a PDF document in their e-mail confirming details of the entire transaction.


We trade in CZKEURUSDand GBP, including all cross combinations. EasyChange has accounts with FIO bankaČSOBKomerční bankaRaiffeisenbank, Creditas and Euro accounts with a number of foreign banks. Clients who have accounts with these banks will have their transaction processed at greater speeds. Clients may however use any other banks to process their transactions


Exchange rates


Rate attractiveness is usually defined by the so-called spread. Spread means a difference between the buy and sell rate. If a bank, for example, buys EUR for 26.50 CZK and sells it for 27.50 CZK, the spread value is 1 CZK. 

This spread represents a profit margin for the financial institutions on currency trades. Companies offering narrower spread are more attractive for clients as they offer a more favourable rate.

EasyChange publishes and guarantees a very favourable spread. We pride ourselves on our transparency, as our spread / rates do not involve any additional charges, there is no need to hold, for instance, a VIP card and there are no other similar forms of hidden fees mechanism.

EasyChange rates change automatically, minute after minute, depending on the actual market situation. EasyChange follows a rule that its rates reflect the market rates evenly for both types of conversion, i.e. we do not have special / more favourable rates for either sell or buy transaction, both rates reflect the market conditions identically.

Clients may convert Czech koruna (CZK), Euro (EUR), US dollars (USD), pound sterling (GBP) and all cross combinations between those currencies.