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Standard process of making payments - foreign and domestic - for our contractual clients:

1. The client enters a conversion order directly on the site in the. Client zone with all necessary data. There is no need to call brokers, everything can be handled from a computer or smartphone.

2. The client is informed by e-mail about the acceptance of the order by the companies. At the same time, the client is asked to send funds to the company's collection account and receives an e-mail confirmation of the transaction (accounting document of the agreed transaction) with a recapitulation of all details (exchange rate, currencies, amounts, accounts, etc.).

3. The client sends funds to the company's collection account by bank transfer.
- Once the client's payment has been registered and the amount and variable symbol are correct, the client will receive an automatic email that the funds have been credited.

4. Then Easychange sends the converted currency to the target account. The target account can be either a client account or a third party (supplier, etc.) account.
- If the client's funds are credited to the EasyChange collection account at least one hour before the end of the business hours, they are still sent within the settlement day in the settlement cycle, which runs until the end of the business hours. In case of later crediting, the funds will be sent by us the next working day. Note, however, that some domestic banks only have a limit time for foreign currency transfers until 14:59.
- After sending the payment to the target account, the client will always receive a proof of settlement of the entire transaction by e-mail.


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