List of EU and EEA countries

List of EU Member States and EEA countries:


Country Code Eurozone Member Currency
Belgium BE Yes Euro (EUR)
Bulgaria BG No lev (BGN)
Czech Republic CZ No koruna (CZK)
Denmark DK No koruna (DKK)
Estonia EE Yes Euro (EUR)
Finland FI Yes Euro (EUR)
France FR Yes Euro (EUR)
Croatia HR No kuna (HRK)
Ireland IE Yes Euro (EUR)
Iceland IS No koruna (ISK)
Italy IT Yes Euro (EUR)
Cyprus CY Yes Euro (EUR)
Lichtenstain LI No Swiss franc (CHF)
Latvia LT No litas (LTL)
Lithuania LV Yes Euro (EUR)
Luxembourg LU Yes Euro (EUR)
Hungary HU No forint (HUF)
Malta MT Yes Euro (EUR)
Germany DE Yes Euro (EUR)
Netherlands NL Yes Euro (EUR)
Norway NO No koruna (NOK)
Poland PL No zloty (PLN)
Portugal PT Yes Euro (EUR)
Austria AT Yes Euro (EUR)
Romania RO No new leu (RON)
Greece GR Yes Euro (EUR)
Slovakia SK Yes Euro (EUR)
Slovenia SI Yes Euro (EUR)
Spain ES Yes Euro (EUR)
Sweden SE No koruna (SEK)
Switzerland* CH No franc (CHF)
Great Britain GB No pound sterling (GBP)


* Switzerland is not a member state of EU/EEA but the Swiss franc is considered, due to monetary union with Lichtenstein, which is a EEA/EU member, as a currency of an EEA country.

Besides the SEPA Member States listed above, the following states are considered to form a part of the EEA: Aland islands, French Guyana, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Réunion, Saint Pierre & Miquelon, Monaco and San Marino.