Ten for a contractual client of cashless transactions at EasyChange s.r.o.


  1. Perform non-cash conversions only at certified non-cash exchange offices - payment companies or payment institutions - with a valid CNB registration, or preferably at your banks, if you do not have the necessary trust in non-cash exchange offices and want to deal with an exceptionally high amount. Before concluding the contract itself, first read carefully all the information on the exchange offices' websites. Choose responsibly, after all, you don't have to stay at a single exchange office. Compare. Don't rush, or better yet - don't leave the conclusion of the contract and the necessary conversion to the last possible moment. You will not get under pressure in your decision.

  2. Exchange rates and the amount of fees may differ for individual non-cash exchange offices. They set them independently depending on market developments and in accordance with their business policy, independently of the exchange rates announced by the Czech National Bank, which are only middle exchange rates, not purchase or sale rates. We do not work for free. We do not want transaction fees for you, in our case we are only "fed" by the spread, ie the difference between buying and selling. If we have a course more advantageous for you than the competition and this course and the system of our service provision suit you, we believe that both parties will be satisfied.

  3. The terms "Sending" and "Recipient will receive" and we use the corresponding courses for our service from the client's point of view. You first choose the currency you send and then its amount in the next field. For the offered course, you or another recipient will receive a counter-currency, the type of which you also choose and you can see the value in the field "Recipient will receive". You can find the entire entry process explained in the Infocentre / Transaction Procedure tab.

  4. We always publish the current exchange rate, which our automated system updates every minute according to market developments. Please perceive the permanent information from the main page www.easychange.czthat the published courses are valid only during the operating hours stated there.

  5. You also have our General Terms and Conditionsand the Complaints Procedureavailable on the website. We recommend that you actually read them. Knowledge of information is important, especially if it concerns your money.

  6. If you enter a conversion transaction in your client environment and we accept it, you will immediately receive an automatic document containing the data you entered by e-mail. Please review them before making a payment from your account.

    You can find out how transactions and payments are made, what documents you will receive in the Infocentre in your Client Zone. If you don't understand something, ask, it's your money. In the e-mail to which the document is sent, you have, in addition to contacts to us, also accompanying information about the transaction, please always read it carefully. At the end of the e-mail message, there is always information about the Office of the Financial Arbitrator and its contact details, where you can, if you are a non-business entity, file a motion to resolve any out-of-court dispute concerning the transaction.

  7. Never send us your funds until you receive proof of a binding trade agreement. The document contains all the transaction data you entered, check them carefully first, then pay. If you find an error in your entry, please contact us immediately to make a correction, please do not confiscately create another new entry. Be aware that you have already concluded one binding trade. You will find the necessary instructions on the website to proceed in such a situation.

  8. If the transaction took place in accordance with the information provided to you in the form of a document (confirmation of receipt) before sending your funds to our account (especially the agreed exchange rate, any fee and the amount of consideration received by the beneficiary), we are not obliged to cancel the transaction . If you were not satisfied with the quality of the services provided, file a complaint or grievance as soon as possible after the transaction, follow the GTC and the Complaints Procedure. You have contacts for our company in each of our e-mail communications with you. If we do not accept the complaint or grievance, you can choose not only to submit a written complaint to the Czech National Bank, which, if your complaint is justified, may initiate administrative sanction proceedings against us and impose a sanction on us. However, the Czech National Bank does not have the power to order us to compensate you for the damage caused to you or otherwise to resolve a private law dispute between you and us.

  9. Never share any passwords for your access to internet banking from which you make payments to us.

    Never share the access name and password to the Client Zone of our service with anyone. If you lose your access name and password, contact us immediately by e-mail, we will generate a new one for you or we can also block access for a mutually agreed time.

    Update your data with us in time - change of address, bank accounts, new documents, changes in the Commercial Register, etc. This will prevent any restriction of our services.

  10. We will never want any cash payment from you.

    Do not enter transactions from an unsecured computer, from the employer's computer, which may also be insufficiently secured, or from a mobile phone via free WiFi (always use a computer verified and secured by you). Use a working and updated antivirus program.

    Do not respond to e-mail messages that have our sender's header with a suspicious name and content, especially if you are required to provide passwords, PIN codes, etc. We will never request such information from you - either by e-mail or by post or telephone.

    Save the telephone number to our Customer Service +420 246 083 752-3 in case you need immediate communication with us. We are at your disposal during opening hours. Outside opening hours, you can contact us at info@easychange.cz. Please always have the details of the transaction at hand.

    Also get acquainted with the bank ten of your bank.