Current list of banned and risky countries


You can find the current list of prohibited countries to which we will not send payment, or from which due to the overall situation in the country it is not possible to guarantee the successful execution of a payment transaction, on the website of the Czech Financial Analytical Office (abbreviation FAU) in the link below:


Current list of banned and risky countries EU a FATF click HERE



  1. EasyChange s.r.o. informs its clients that a ban on conducting cross-border transfers applies to risky countries where the recipient or payer is a sanctioned individual or entity, or where the transaction involves goods, services, or other provisions subject to international sanctions under Act No. 69/2006 Coll., on the implementation of international sanctions, as amended, as well as decisions or regulations of the European Union (see or the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Department of the Treasury (see


  1. Please note that when conducting cross-border transfers to or from a risky country, the client is required to provide EasyChange s.r.o. with credible evidence of the purpose of the transfer. EasyChange s.r.o. is authorized to refuse such cross-border transfers in justified cases, especially when the client fails to fulfill this obligation or when the purpose of the transfer is subject to international sanctions under the aforementioned legal regulations or decisions of public authorities.


  1. EasyChange s.r.o. is also authorized to refuse cross-border transfers in cases warranting special consideration, particularly when EasyChange s.r.o. or the financial institutions collaborating with EasyChange s.r.o. during the execution of the payment transaction have negative information about the recipient bank. This includes information about ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, revocation of banking license, imposition of forced administration by local regulatory authorities, or imposition of sanctions or fines by local regulatory authorities for violations of laws equivalent to local banking laws or laws on combating money laundering or terrorism financing.


  1. By submitting an instruction through the EasyChange web platform, the client acknowledges and accepts the above provisions regarding risky countried and is aware that any damages resulting from the failure to execute a payment to any of the risky countries shall solely be borne by the client, and cannot be claimed against EasyChange s.r.o.