Updated list of banned and high-risk countries


Current list of countries where we cannot process payments:

Iran (IR)

South Sudan (SS)

Democratic Republic of the Congo (CD)

Liberia (LR)

Myanmar (MM)

Nigeria (NG)

Côte d´Ivoire (CI)

Rwanda (RW)

North Korea (KP),

Somalia (SO),

Sudan (SD),

Syria (SY)

Zimbabwe (ZW)



Updated list of high-risk countries where we cannot guarantee successful processing of transaction due to conditions in those countries:

Afghanistan (AF), Angola (AO), Armenia (AM), Azerbaijan (AZ)

Belorussia (BY), Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA), Burundi (BI)

Egypt (EG), Eritrea (ER)

Guinea (GN), Guinea-Bissau (GW)

Haiti (HT)

Iceland (IS), Irák (IQ)

Yemen (YE)

Cuba (CU)

Lebanon (LB), Libya (LY)

Russian Federation (RU)

Sierra Leone (SL),

Central African Republic (CF)

Tunisia (TN)

Ukraine (UA)


  1. EasyChange s.r.o. warns clients that a high-risk country is subject to a ban on the execution of such cross-border transfers where the recipient or payer would be a sanctioned person or sanctioned entity or whose object is goods, services or other transactions subject to international sanctions under Act No. 69/2006 Coll. on Carrying Out of International Sanctions, as amended, and under the relevant EU decision or Directives (See http://eeas.europa.eu/cfsp/sanctions/index_en.htm) or the Office for the Control of Foreign Assets of the United States of America (see http: // Www.treasury.gov/resourcecenter/sanctions/Programs/Pages/Programs.aspx).


  1. Please note that in a cross-border transfers to or from a high-risk country, the client is liable to EasyChange s.r.o. to demonstrate reliably the subject matter of this cross-border transfer, and EasyChange s.r.o. will be justified, in cases where the client fails to fulfill this obligation, or when the subject of the transaction is subject to international sanctions within the meaning of the above-mentioned laws or decisions of public authorities, not to process such payments.


  1. EasyChange s.r.o. will be entitled not to carry out cross-border transfer also in cases worthy of special consideration, i.e. when EasyChange s.r.o. or those financial institutions with which EasyChange s.r.o. is required to cooperate in the execution of the payment transaction, have negative information about the beneficiary's bank, in particular information about ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, withdrawal of bank license, introduction of a forced administration by the local regulatory authority, or the imposition of a sanction or fine by the local regulatory authority for breaches of legislation equivalent to the local Banking Act Or the Law on the Combating Legalization of Proceeds from Crime or Combating Financing of Terrorism.


  1. By entering your order on the EasyChange website, the client accepts and acknowledges the above-mentioned provisions applicable to high-risk countries, and is aware that any damage resulting from the failure to make payments to one of the high-risk countries accrues against his account only and cannot be applied against EasyChange s.r.o.